Airport Funding Provisions in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act Pub. L 117-58

On November 15, 2021, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, Pub. L. 117-58 (also referred to as the Bipartisan Infrastructure Legislation, or BIL) was signed into law. The BIL includes two new grant programs for airports.

Understanding airport customers is ever more critical to adapt operations to the current and post COVID-19 airport market.


Use our free on-line tool to make assumptions on the completion rate of advanced airline schedules, the boarding load factors of scheduled flights, and to examine various recovery scenarios of air travel.

COVID-19 has upended the commercial passenger aviation industry in unprecedented ways. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) throughput at all U.S. airports fell nearly 97 percent on April 14, 2020―the slowest day in US passenger air travel. Passenger traffic  remains below pre-pandemic levels, as indicated by TSA airport passenger screening throughput data.

More than ever, airports and concessionaires must forge and fortify a partnership with enhanced levels of collaboration and open, honest communication. It will take a strong team to rebuild consumer confidence.