Gain Financial Control

The financial management of airport construction programs requires a substantial commitment of time and resources. Given their scale and cost, monitoring these capital projects can represent a significant undertaking for airports.  We have deep experience with the risks and reporting complexities of airport capital programs and help airports to establish policies and procedures to support effective capital project monitoring and reporting.

program financial controls

Unison assists airport management in the creation of effective funding and cost control for capital programs. We can help you:

  • create and monitor financial controls
  • establish policies and procedures that establish controls
  • implement change order management
  • determine best use of capital funding sources
  • audit vendor invoices
  • perform financial reporting and accounting
  • review minority, women, business enterprise compliance 

recovery of telecommunications over-billing

When was the last time you audited your airport’s telecom bills? Unison helps clients identify and recover what can be very significant sums in overpaid utility fees—and best of all, we are only compensated for our services if we can identify savings or recover overpaid fees.

How much could you be overpaying? Take a look at the real-world savings uncovered by our experts:

GOVERNMENT, PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION – An urban municipality’s public transportation arm, with 2500 lines for voice, data, and cellular services Identified Over-payment: $6.9 million  

GOVERNMENT, EDUCATION – A municipality’s public education department with 17,000 Lines, for voice and data Identified Over-payment: $150,000  

PLUS – we can advise you on how to right-size your current telecom contracts to avoid future over-payment!  

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