With a continued commitment to provide the highest quality consulting services, Unison’s expanded portfolio of services are designed to tackle almost any airport’s business-related client challenge.  We are organized into the following practices:

Securing funding and closely managing its disbursement is more critical than ever to airport management. Unison draws upon its understanding of airport finance and business matters, airport activity economic theory, and analytical tools to formulate financial plans and to provide economic research and analytical services to airport clients in planning airport development projects that provide optimum benefits to the traveling public.

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The role of concessions in an airport’s financial operational portfolio has changed in recent years.  Once an afterthought serving “captive customers,” concessions have become a vital component of the overall passenger experience.  Further, concessions are now widely recognized as an important contributor to an airport’s revenue base.  Successful concessions are a critical need for an airport.

Achieving successful concessions for its clients is the focus of Unison’s Retail Concessions Planning and Management Practice.  We define success through three goals: a successful program enhances passenger satisfaction, supports concessionaire financial performance and increases airport revenues.  Unison Consulting takes an entrepreneurial approach to the challenge of meeting these goals.  We build from a solid economic and financial base, but temper the quantitative aspects of a program with our knowledge of the qualitative factors that distinguish exceptional airports.  This approach motivates the many services listed below covering all phases of a concessions program: research and programming, and implementation and management. Throughout the planning, development and subsequent operation of an airport retail program, the Unison retail team aims to assist its clients create and manage concessions high-quality, cost-effective programs to meet the needs of all stakeholders – passengers, concessionaires, airport and community.

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Airports are unique entities that do not fit organizational models typical of public- or private-sector enterprises. Coupled with each airport being structured in a manner distinctive to its sponsor’s organizational requirements and operational needs, integrating information systems throughout an airport can be challenging. Though there are many providers of IT consulting, focus is what defines Unison. Our IT services are specifically designed for airports and their unique information requirements.


We assist airports in analyzing their current systems infrastructure to develop tailored solutions to meet their unique needs. Developing and deploying software solutions that address the unique information and data processing needs of airports. Unison assists our clients in improving their operations by ensuring that the right data reach the right individuals at the right time, optimizing efficiency and enhancing the bottom line.

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Airport operators face unprecedented challenges planning the future direction of their organization. Often, the counsel of a trusted, well-balanced advisor can be critical to not only creating effective development plans, but also to managing the on-target execution of those plans. We provide airport management with an experienced team to take the worry out of implementing their capital programs.
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