Put Your Data Into Action

Unison helps airports unleash the power of their most valuable assets—data & people. Our dashboard products are transforming the way airports use data to solve problems. We make analyzing data fast, easy and affordable.

No Data Warehouse — No Data Lake — No Problem

We can help you synthesize your data into a full range of dashboards and statistical models for predictive analytics. As part of our suite of Airport Business Solutions, we offer a full range of Business Intelligence services to help you harness the power of your data, including prebuilt airport dashboard templates and custom design.

Data Collection

Data blending, prep, wrangling, munging, and cleansing—We peel back where the data originates and help in correcting data errors at the source. Then you can rely on a “single source of truth”.

KPIs and Metrics

We help airports establish the right metrics and display them in the most productive, actionable way.

Prebuilt Templates or Custom Design

Use our pre-built templates or we can custom design based on your needs. We build dashboards that allow for analysis to be examined in many contexts allowing for correlating results, not only from different angles but with other metrics and KPIs so unique connections can be uncovered and organizational performance can be driven even further.

Drive User Adoption

If you build it, they will come. Analytics adoption throughout an organization can take real work. We will help you avoid resistance to adoption by involving stakeholders throughout implementation—getting their input on design early on, then demonstrating how their suggestions helped create dashboards that will make their jobs easier.

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