Program Management and Control Services


Airport operators face unprecedented in completing major capital improvement programs. Often, the assistance of a program management team can be to a successful project. We serve as an essential partner working with the Program Manager to ensure the necessary financial management and controls.

In this role, we assist the airport by serving as its representative—providing strategic leadership related to all financial and budgeting components of major capital development programs. Other control functions that we provide include schedule, document and access controls.

We assist airport management with FAA coordination and compliance, and provide strategic, financial and general management services to airports for all matters regarding major capital improvement projects—while striving to define the path and approach needed to build the support, commitment, and concurrence of all program stakeholders.

Our Program Management & Control Services include:

Program Finance

We assist airports to define strategies for financing initiatives including Capital Improvement Programs (CIP) by preparing financial analyses and documentation required to secure specific federal grants, Passenger Facility Charge (PFC), and other approvals from the federal government. We assist airports to secure necessary bond and commercial paper financing programs and projects and help to secure airline approval.

We also assists airports to assess, refine and communicate implementation and financing strategies to the public, agencies and other stakeholders, as required, including identifying needed changes to airport use agreements. Specific functions that Unison performs for airports include financial management, financing strategies, financial analysis, bond sales, commercial paper financing and PFC applications

Control Systems Development/ Management

We assist airports in establishing management/IT systems and controls by designing, developing and implementing IT policies, practices, and procedures for program control, contract administration, funds tracking, and cost/ budget monitoring issues. Specific functions airports ask Unison to perform include cost control systems, funds management systems, draw management (bond trustee, PFC, grant reporting), procurement systems, ordinance and contract administration systems, schedule control systems, data management systems, GIS/CADD services, and management information systems. We provide IT support necessary to provide continuity in the development, support, management, maintenance and operation of all program cost, financial, funding management, and web-based information technology systems.

Program Control

We assist airport management in the creation of effective financing funding and cost control programs. We can establish policies and procedures that govern program control, change order management, payment, and financing processes. Specific functions Unison performs for clients include cost control, schedule control, data management (includes data validation and reporting systems), funding source control (bonds, PFCs, grants, etc.), MIS and contract administration (base and change orders).