Airport Retail Concessions Management and Planning


The role of concessions in an airport’s financial and operational portfolio has changed in recent years. New security-based physical-plant changes have altered passenger flows and throughput, while fundamental changes in commercial aviation have cast concession revenue in a new light. .

We have provided consulting and management solutions to more than 40 airports since 1989. We take an entrepreneurial approach to airport retail planning and management. We build from a solid economic and financial base, but temper the quantitative aspects of a program with our knowledge of the qualitative factors that distinguish exceptional airports. .

Our approach to property management builds on our vast experience in program development and implementation. Unlike other firms, we specialize in airports. We are not merely a property management firm, nor merely a concessions planning firm. Rather our property management clients benefit from our work in planning and vice versa.

We understand the importance of exposure to and knowledge of traditional retailing and have staff experienced in mall-based shopping environments. However, we also recognize that airports are not shopping malls. They differ significantly in many respects—security concerns, operating hours, constructions procedures, operating costs, customer expectations, etc. Since September 11th these differences have become even more pronounced.

Concessions program development is analogous to a three-legged stool—without one of the legs, the stool falls. We are one of the only firms with demonstrated experience in achieving results in each of the three areas: planning, implementation, and management. We work in partnership with all the stakeholders in an airport retail program—the airport, airlines, tenants, and, of course, passengers – to ensure success.